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Level 2 Electrician North Sydney

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Level 2 Electrician North Sydney

Your North Sydney property deserves skilled, trustworthy electrical services. When it comes time to connect to the grid or upgrade your electrical infrastructure, you need to know that the work will be done well, done right, and last for many years once the job is complete. That is why property owners trust Everest Electrical Level 2 Electricians in North Sydney.

Level 2 Authorised Service Provider

Servicing Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy Network Areas

Electrical defect notices rectification works

Titan Composite Power Pole sales and Installation

Power Pole Installations and replacement

Overhead aerial services, single and three phase

Switchboard upgrades and alterations

Residential switchboard upgrades, relocations and installations

Multiple tenancy switchboard installation, repair and relocation

Service protection device installation

Meter protection device installation

Smart Metering Installation

New Connections

Permanent Disconnections

Temporary builders supplies

Rural Extensions

Midspan connections

Underground services

Underground to Overhead (UGOH) installations

Installation of underground pillars and pits

Upgrades of electrical supply up to 400AMPS

Barge fuse installation and repair

Rafter and Fascia bracket installation and repairs

Disconnection and reconnection of supply

Supply, install and rent of tiger tails (Endeavour Only)

Vegetation management around aerial cables

EWP access works

Mobile Crane services (18 tonne meter crane)

Street lighting installation and repairs

Underground service excavation works


Storm Damage Repairs

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

A level 2 electrician is an advanced electrical expert licensed and authorised by the NSW Department of Planning. Each electrician holds a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical work and their work aligns with the Gas and Electricity acts of 2017 along with the 2018 consumer safety regulations.

Level 2 electricians can handle detailed projects that go beyond standard electrical repairs, able to work with the deepest layers of electrical infrastructure for homes and businesses. This includes connecting or disconnecting power from the public grid, changing your electrical switchboard, managing metres and load control devices, and installing private power poles among other services.

A Level 2 electrician in North Sydney is necessary if you want to safely change your building’s electrical infrastructure.

What Can a Level 2 Electrician Do?

  • Connect, Disconnect, and Reconnect from the Electric Grid
  • Installation and Upgrades to Your Electrical Connections
  • Electrical Metres and Load Control Devices
  • Switchboard Relocations and Upgrades
  • Private Power Poles and Electric Infrastructure
  • Backup Generators and Temporary Power Equipment

Everest Electrical Level 2 electricians in North Sydney offer a wide range of skilled electrical services. These services are necessary when building a new structure or making essential and deep-level electrical changes to an existing property. Wiring new additions to the building, creating out-buildings, or updating old electrical systems from the metre outward are all part of how we ensure North Sydney properties remain safe and offer well-designed electrical performance.

Everest Electrical: Leading Level 2 Electricians in North Sydney

Everest Electrical is the leading Level 2 Electrician service in North Sydney. Our electricians bring extensive experience and are closely familiar with both the grid structure and electrical requirements of neighbourhoods throughout the region. We are a dedicated part of the community structure, providing trusted Level 2 electrical work for new, historic, and contemporary structures and installations.

Our work quality is unmatched, and you will find excellent services at competitive prices. Anyone in North Sydney in need of Level 2 electrician work can rely on Everest Electrical to get the job done right for years of reliable electrical performance.

Enjoy Courteous and Skillful Customer Service

Our customers take note of the care we put into each and every service. Everest Electrical electricians take the time to explain the process and schedule non-disruptive services at the convenience of our clients. You will find that our work is performed quickly and efficiently with consideration for the client’s needs and unique project requirements.

North Sydney locals know that our customer service is top-of-the-line, matching the quality of our electrical services.

Level 2 Electrician Services from Everest Electrical

Our accredited Level 2 electrician service providers are able to handle a wide range of electrical tasks. These range from simple upgrades to in-depth installations or electrical rebuilding projects. Level 2 electricians in North Sydney are often called upon to work on residential and commercial properties with a wide range of ages and architectural styles. Our electrical experts can handle any project, big or small.

Here is a comprehensive list of the services you can request from Everest Electrical North Sydney Level 2 electricians

  • Electrical defect notices & rectification works
  • Power pole sales, installations, and replacements
  • Overhead aerial services, single and three phase
  • Switchboard installations, upgrades, repairs, and alterations
  • Multiple tenancy switchboard services
  • Service protection device installation
  • Metre protection device installation
  • Smart metering installation
  • New connection installation
  • Disconnection and reconnection of power supplies
  • Permanent power disconnections
  • Temporary builder power supplies
  • Midspan and underground connections
  • Underground service excavation works
  • Underground to Overhead (UGOH) installations
  • Electrical supply upgrades up to 400 AMPs
  • Barge fuse installation and repair
  • Rafter and Fascia bracket installation and repair
  • Vegetation management around aerial cables
  • EWP access works
  • Mobile crane services
  • Street lighting installation and repair
  • Trenching and utility installation
  • Storm damage electrical repairs

Emergency Electrical Services for Level 2 Electricians in North Sydney

Emergencies and disasters of an electrical nature give you no time to wait. If storms or other disasters have done electrical damage to your house or business, we know how important immediate repairs become. This is why Everest Electrical offers after-hours and emergency Level 2 electrician services throughout North Sydney.

Immediate electrical repairs are especially important if the damage is so extensive that you require reconnects and infrastructure rebuilds as a result. Level 2 electricians in North Sydney are qualified to safely handle damaged wires, fixtures, and even power lines to ensure that your property is first safe from electrical disasters, followed by professional rebuilding to restore your property to full and reliable functionality.

Why Choose Everest Electrical for Your Level 2 Electrician Services?

  • Licensed and dedicated Level 2 ASP electricians
  • Principles of high-quality service and expert workmanship
  • Reliable and on-time appointments aligned with your needs
  • Affordable up-front pricing with no hidden costs
  • Top-quality electrical materials used for every project
  • Reputable and trusted electricians throughout North Sydney
  • We stand behind our work with a 100% lifetime warranty on workmanship and labour

Schedule Your Level 2 Electrical Consultation and Services with Everest Electrical

If your property is in need of Level 2 electrician services to install, disconnect, or upgrade your essential electrical systems, Everest Electrical is proud to provide our trusted services. You can reach us for a convenient consultation on your needs through online live chat, over the phone, or via email enquiry. From there, we will help you book the exact services you need with clear, upfront pricing and project plans.

For honest and reliable Level 2 electrical services in North Sydney, we are your recommended local choice. Whether you are building new structures, altering or upgrading existing structures, or repairing recent storm damage, we are glad to be of service.

Free Energy

Efficiency Report

Is LED Lighting The Right Choice For Your North Sydney Home?

Home owners in North Sydney can now take advantage of a special offer from the professional team here at Everest Electrical. Right now we are speaking to those who are ready to make the switch to LED lighting. For those unsure and simply interested in the possible savings which can be gained from making the switch, we are offering a free report into the efficiency of your home energy usage.

LED Lighting

LED lights have been so popular in recent times, here are just some of the advantages they have over traditional light sources:

 Low current and voltage requirements
 Heat radiated is low
 Levels of brightness and intensity are high
 Highly efficient
 Shock and vibration resistant
 No ultra violet rays
 Long life
 Easily programmable

Consider Your Data Cabling Too!

Other areas of rapid technological evolution are in the field of data cabling. The two best types are either copper cable or fibre optic cable, and they have different advantages.

Copper cable is less expensive and more readily available than fibre optics and is a great conductor. Fibre optic cable on the other hand uses light to transmit data and therefore has no electromagnetic interference and allows higher bandwidth levels. The other great advantage of fibre optics is that it is safe to move or repair as they don’t conduct electricity.


Level 2 Accredited Service Providers

We are Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy Level 2 Accredited Service Providers (ASP’s) and are fully licensed to work on the Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy networks.

If you live in North Sydney and have any questions or concerns on whether it is right for you to make a change to LED lighting or if you have data cable issues, now is the ideal time to give the team here at Everest Electrical a call.

Right now you can benefit from a special offer on making the switch to LED lighting, and a free efficiency report into whether making this decision is right for you. Our team of licensed electricians can help you with all your needs – big or small. Call us now on 0410 229 139.


We are happy to answer any questions and discuss your upcoming project in person or over the phone with you today. 

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