Power Pole Installations

Electricity Power Pole Installations

A private pole is a power pole that is privately owned and must also be privately maintained. 

  • The electricity supply generally comes from the network pole (large power pole on the street) to the front of your house
  • The point at which the cables attach to your house is called a point of attachment (POA)
  • There are stringent rules and regulations about the location of this point and that is why private power poles must sometimes be used

Common reasons for the installation of a private pole could be to avoid the cable that feeds your house crossing an adjoining property or to maintain safe height & positioning over roads, pathways and your property.

You can also install a private pole for aesthetic reasons.

  • The cables running to the front of your home are sometimes unsightly or in the way of trees and foliage
  • The cables can attach to a private pole and from there the cables can run to your switchboard either overhead or underground

Electrical Power Pole Installations

Once a private power pole is installed, it must be inspected regularly and maintained to prevent damage to property or persons in the event they fail and fall over.

  • Timber private power poles are commonly 30-40+ years old
  • Timber poles are prone to rot at the base and below ground level in coastal areas or where the ground has a lot of moisture
  • They are also prone to termite attack
  • Steel power poles have a lifespan of around 15 years but can also be prone to rust and decay at the base or just below ground level especially in coastal or wet areas
  • The ground around them should be excavated and the poles inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are in good condition
  • If your timber or steel power pole is leaning or is not stable in the ground we recommend you have it inspected as soon as possible
  • We also recommend regular pole checks to avoid a costly emergency fee should they be damaged during storm or high winds

Here at Everest Electrical we can supply and install both timber and steel poles to suit your needs. Call us today on 0410 229 139 for expert advice.