Under Ground Over Head – Collaroy Plateau

Collaroy Plateau, NSW Service: Under Ground Over Head Problem. Our clients wanted to remove the eyesore of electrical cables reaching their home. A safety component was also a key issue. Solution. Everest Electrical’s in house Level 2 Authorised Service Providers are qualified in UGOH Installation. UGOH stands for Under Ground Over Head where the electrical cables… DETAILS HERE

Subfloor Ventilation – Lilyfield

Lilyfield, NSW Service: Subfloor Ventilation Problem. Our clients were concerned at the rising damp levels they were facing in their home. Mould and mildew was appearing in areas and they wanted a solution fast! Solution. Excessive moisture levels beneath your home can cause rising damp, damage to timber framing, wood rot, un-wanted odours and the list… DETAILS HERE

Switchboard Upgrade, New Private Pole – Narrabeen

Narrabeen, NSW Service: Switchboard Upgrade, New Private Pole Problem. Our clients were issued a defect notice from the supply authority due to the unsafe condition of their switchboard enclosure. Action had to be taken immediately. Solution. Everest Electrical’s Level 2 Authorised Service Providers and team technicians installed a new galvanised steel private pole, new aerial connection,… DETAILS HERE

Timber Bollards – Belrose

Belrose, NSW Service: Timber Bollards Installation Problem. Our client’s home is located on the corner of a busy road. Unfortunately a car missed the corner and came crashing through their front yard, narrowly missing the bedroom of their sleeping baby. For extra safety our client wanted telegraph pole style bollards placed across the fence line… DETAILS HERE

Switchboard Upgrade Dual Occupancy – Balgowlah

Balgowlah, NSW Service: Switchboard Upgrade Problem. Our clients were becoming increasingly concerned at the state of their switchboard and rightfully so! The board was in almost original condition from a 1960’s build and was becoming a safety issue. Solution. With the team from Everest Electrical being Level 2 Authorised Service Providers we were able to tackle… DETAILS HERE