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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Level 2 ASP?

ASP is an abbreviation for “Authorised/Accredited Service Provider”.

ASP’s are licenced and trained to provide extensive installation, repairs and maintenance needed to overhead and underground service lines between your home and the electricity supply network.

When do you need a Level 2 ASP Electrician?

Any time your residential, industrial or commercial property needs work that involves the electrical supply network.  (Ie; Network poles on the street)
Whether you are upgrading, renovating, experiencing a power supply failure, or you have moved into a new building – you must, by law, engage a Level 2 ASP to carry out this electrical work.

I have received a defect notice what do I do now?


You are on the right track, as contacting a Level 2 ASP Electrican is certainly your first point of call.

One of our technicians will come and visit the site and provide you with a quote to carry out the defect rectification works. If accepted by you, we then require a copy of the defect notice and will liaise with the supply network and take care of all rectification and compliance submissions.

Can I upgrade to 3 Phase power?

Yes a 3 phase upgrade can be carried out at any stage.

Upgrading of service cables, consumer mains, metering devices and variable other items will also be required to legally connect your load. Please call us for further information or a quote.

Can I repair instead of replace a private pole?

Technically, yes. You could opt for the repair of a private pole but the cost of engaging an engineer to produce adequate and substantial evidence to support your argument in repairing the pole instead of replacing it would by far out way the replacement costs.

Which type of private pole should I choose?

On a budget, our galvanised steel private pole range would be the perfect pole for you.

Prefer Timber, then ask about our nonconductive timber poles regularly used for telecommunications assets.

Want our Premium Pole? Then the Titan Composite Power Pole is your answer. It is the ultimate in poles.
Made from a cement fiberglass composite, Titan poles come with 20+ years manufacturer’s warranty against all types of corrosion, are non-conductive and are rust, rot, termite and bushfire proof.

Level 2 Electrician

We are an authorised Level 2 Electrical Service Provider in Sydney. Licensed by the NSW Department of Planning, we specialise in the supply of electricity from the Endeavour and Ausgrid energy networks to your property.