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Electrical Defect Notices

We need electricity to power our modern life. But when the power isn’t working correctly, it can pose a deadly risk to our businesses, homes and lives. If a property owner’s electrical connections pose a hazard to the public, they’ll be issued with an electrical defect notice. All connections to energy company networks in Australia should adhere to the relevant safety standards, including:


  • Ausgrid’s electrical supply network standards
  • Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2006
  • NSW Government Electricity Supply Act 1995
The power inspection authorities will issue an electrical defect notice to a property owner when their connection doesn’t comply with the national or community electrical safety standards. In the notice, they’ll detail all the defects they found after performing their routine or requested inspection on your property. The safest remedy is to contact a licensed electrical services provider to resolve your electrical system’s defect.
Ausgrid Electrical Defect Notice
Electrical Defect Notice
Ausgrid Bushfire and Vegetation Risk Mitigation Defect Notice
Ausgrid Emergency Services Electrical Defect Notice

Why You May Get Electrical Defect Notices

Authorities can issue an electrical notice to a homeowner because of the following reasons:

1. Spoilt or Missing Equipment

When electrical equipment is missing or damaged, potentially hazardous issues may easily crop up. Think electrical fire, switchboard failure, and meltdowns. That’s why electrical supply network inspectors will issue a notice to prevent such incidences from occurring. You will need to contact an accredited Level 2 service provider for the maintenance work.

2. Outdated Switchboards

Your property’s electrical needs may go beyond your switchboard’s capabilities, heightening the risk of “tripping” fuses or overheating. If the officials find that you still have an outdated switchboard or the equipment has hazardous components, you may receive an electrical defect notice. So hurry now and upgrade your switchboard.

3. Low-Running Overhead Cables

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your power lines and wiring systems strictly comply with height clearance standards when located over alleys, footpaths, driveways, and streets. Also, they must not come into contact with vegetation and trees, as this might cause dangerous bushfires. The inspectors may issue you an electrical defect notice if you fail to adhere to these regulations.

4. Problems in Points of Attachment

Does your property have frayed or improperly attached wires? Rush to repair them before they cause damages and losses. The electricity distributors may slap you with a defect notice if you fail to deal with the issue as soon as possible.

5. A Hazardous Private Power Pole

You should ensure that any pole or powerline connecting your property to the main switchboard is in excellent working condition. Also, be sure the timber or steel pole is in good shape to prevent risks like falling on sidewalks, streets, or properties.


What Should You Do?

According to Ausgrid, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to perform maintenance work and repair any defect from the first connection point on their property. So it’s crucial to get the electrical work on your private powerlines done as soon as the inspection officials issue you the electrical defect notice.

Your first point of action should be to contact your local level 2 electricians and ask for their assistance to help you fix the defect notice. All level 2 electricians are fully qualified and authorised to carry out any type of electrical procedure to help you with your electrical defect issue.

Upon getting that notice, you have up to 21 days (or three weeks) to eliminate any defect found. But don’t panic. Call a Level 2 Authorised Service Provider (ASP) in your local area to repair the defects effectively and safely.


Can a Normal Electrician Do the Job?

Sometimes normal electricians cannot provide the required service as it requires specific qualifications. Be sure the electrical services provider is a Level 2 ASP electrician before doing the work. Such electricians come with the necessary skills, tools, and qualifications to safely repair the faults.

Also, they comply with all national and local electricity network standards to guarantee public protection and efficient energy supply to your property.

Should the Electrical Contractors or an ASP Who Did the Work in Question Get the Notice?

If an ASP or electrical contractor did the work with a defect, both the homeowner and the contractor would receive the electrical defect notice. It will detail the fault and the period within which it needs fixing.

Your Electrical Network Has Remained the Same for a Decade. So Why Have You Been Hit By a Notice Now?

In most cases, existing connections attract defects notifications due to overhead electricity cables coming in contact with vegetation or trees and additions or alterations to current electrical connections. So ensure you’ve contacted licensed operators to clear the vegetation around your electrical network and power poles.

What if You’re a Tenant?

In this case, give the notice to the property manager or landlord without any delay. Since it’s an urgent matter, be sure to follow up with the property owner or manager to have the defect resolved within the 21 days.

What if You Fail to Beat the Deadline?

If you fail to resolve the defect within 21 days after receiving the notice, the power authority may disconnect the electrical supply from your home or business premises. But if you can’t meet the deadline due to unavoidable circumstances or severe defects, you may request an extension of the grace period. You can inquire from Ausgrid’s Field Operations group.



Bushfire Mitigation Defect

In bushfire-prone regions, a supply authority (like Ausgrid) representative carries out inspections around private underground service conductors, overhead service lines, and poles more frequently, especially if the electricity network is more likely to cause bush fires.

So if your home or property is in such an area and you fail to comply with this guideline, the official may issue you with a Bushfire and Vegetation Risk Mitigation Defect Notice. The notice can state reasons such as:

  • Naked conductors
  • Overhead power cables in contact with vegetation
  • A private power pole in poor condition

Did you know, the electricity network authorities require you to maintain a 600mm clearance around your electricity poles? As any trimming or electrical work near electrical cables is risky, remember to contact a trained and licensed Level 2 electrician and be sure they can do elevated work platform services.



Everest Electrical’s is a Level 2 Accredited Service Providers (ASP)

Looking for an authorised service provider?

Every Level 2 ASP electrician in our company is an accredited service provider. They are fully certified by electricity distributors like Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy to resolve defects in the electrical supply network. They come with the right skills necessary to guarantee the perfect working of your electrical system and ensure you don’t get hit by another defect notice.

We have a team of Level 2 electricians who are well trained to make sure you get the power supply you deserve. 


Professional Level 2 Electrical Repairs

Get a reputable Level 2 electrician for every kind of electrical service (think installations, repairs, replacements, and pinpointing faults).

For more details about our electrical services in helping homeowners stay power safe and comply with relevant authorities, get in touch today. Call us for a free quote.



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Level 2 Accredited Service Providers

We are Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy Level 2 Accredited Service Providers (ASP’s) and are fully licensed to work on the Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy networks.

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