Switchboard Upgrades and Relocations

Having a new switchboard installed monitors old wiring in your home

Switchboard upgrades are a popular job for us because we like making the world safer for you. The upgrade work consists of disconnecting and removing the old ceramic style fuses and installing new modern safety switches/circuit breakers & new housing to enclose them. An upgraded switchboard makes it easy to find faults in the wiring in a home and is also much more sensitive to dangerous situations. Safety switches cut off electricity when there is a possible problem.

Having a new switchboard is like installing a modern computer to monitor the old wiring in your home. Quite often we cannot access the outdated wiring to replace it, so a new switchboard is the best available option to monitor these older cables and ensure they are not overloaded/overheated.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

When we upgrade a switchboard it is also common and good practice to upgrade the earthing system. This is the green/yellow cable that connects to the bottom straight pin on a power point and when followed will eventually lead to a copper covered stake that is driven into the ground. This is a location that fault current can be directed safely. We also connect the same cable to the copper water pipes for additional security so that the current can be safely dispersed.

Benefits of an upgraded switchboard:

  • Efficacy– Monitors and maintains wiring both new and old ensuring all wiring operates within legal limits.
  • Safety – Newly installed safety switches/circuit breakers detect faults preventing electrical shock & fatality.
  • Fire Safety – Lowers risk of electrical fires.
  • Asbestos Safety – Provides opportunity to remove old asbestos panels in switchboard housing if present.