Electrical Switchboards for Modern Homes

Electrical switchboards in modern homes are a world away from the switchboards of our parents, or grandparents. Consider the number of electrical appliances that your grandparents had, or that were in your childhood home, compared to those we have today!

As a consequence, the demands that our modern lifestyle places upon electrical switchboards are significant.

The Functions of an Electrical Switchboard

The switchboard in your home routes the electricity supply throughout each room, and outside area such as sheds, pools or entertaining areas. It ensures that all the circuits of your home are powered adequately and safely.

In modern homes switchboards contain circuit breakers. These detect any sudden increase in current and then break the circuit to bypass the (often faulty) appliance that created the problem. This ensures that danger of electrocution is avoided, and the appliance cannot overheat or cause an electrical fire. The circuit can be reset when the appliance is unplugged.

So your electrical switchboard does not only route the electricity supply, but also protects your family, your possessions and your home.

Electrical Switchboards Infographic

The Loading on the Modern Switchboard

* Many homes built today have a home theatre system, or room dedicated to home entertainment.

* Even in older homes, rooms are being converted to be used solely for home entertainment that needs to be wired in.

* The lighting in older homes used to be only one light in the centre of the ceiling, and perhaps a lamp. Today the lighting of homes can include down lights, dimmer switches, fan lights, lamps or any combination thereof.

* Most homes have home computers, and some a computer for each member of the family, with WiFi access, printers, and backup devices.

* Kitchens these days are appliance-driven rooms. No longer is there just a fridge, oven, kettle and toaster. There are dishwashers, blenders, food processors, sandwich makers, waffle irons and coffee makers – all designed to make our lives easier.

* The electricity used to power outdoor lighting systems, entertainment areas (often with their own mini kitchens) and workshops that host an ever-increasing array of tools, also needs to be included in the electricity-distribution equation.

Your current and potential power needs should be considered before upgrading your switchboard, or designing a new home. Our team here at Everest can provide the best advice about your switchboard and potential circuitry needs – particularly if you live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Getting advice early can avoid potential problems, and the need for extra work done later.

Electrical Switchboards for New Homes

If you’ve ever moved into a home without checking where the power points are, or how many have been installed, you will appreciate the need to plan these basics.

Consider every room of your new home in the planning and drafting phase – each will need both power points and light switches that are easily accessible. Where once we could exist with just one power point in each room, you now need to consider the electrical appliances that will be used in them.

Good planning during the design phase, taking into account advice from your architect, draftsperson, interior designer, and electrician, can save on extra electrical work later, on unsightly power cords and boards, or the need to upgrade your electrical switchboard.

Home Wiring

If you are planning to build a new home the wiring will be planned as part of the whole electrical system, to meet current and future demands.

When looking to upgrade your electrical switchboard to cope with the demands of your modern lifestyle, we recommend that the wiring of your home be considered carefully.

Before you plan any changes to the electrical system of your current home, here at Everest Electrical, we recommend you have an electrical safety inspection. This will include a check of your wiring, with due consideration given to your appliance needs.

We will check that your current wiring is safe and sufficient to not only cope with current demands but with a view to the future as well. For example, you may not be adding a home theatre system now, but be planning for it when the kids move out.

We are happy to undertake any changes to your home’s wiring, and can also make your home more liveable simply with the addition of extra power points in rooms where they’re needed.

It is important to remember that all electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician.

Electrical switchboards in modern homes have many demands placed upon them, so before planning the electrical system for your new home or upgrading the system in your current home, we invite you to call us on 0410 229 139.