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Safety Electrical Inspection for Brookvale Residents: Everest Electrical Special Offer

Brookvale residents enjoy the best shopping in the Sydney Northern Beaches area. Anything you need to buy can be found in the Brookvale area, with Warringah Mall and plenty of supermarkets all within easy walking distance. Only a stones throw from the beautiful Northern Beaches, Brookvale is home to the Manly- Warringah Sea Eagles.

Just half an hour’s drive from the city centre, residents know only too well that Brookvale is a great place to live.

Another benefit available to Brookvale homeowners is the free electrical safety inspection now being offered by Everest Electrical.

Focus on Smoke Alarms

We make it our business to ensure your home is safe, and as part of that service we make sure that your smoke alarms are in good working order.

A properly installed and operating smoke alarm is a simple effective device that will help protect you from the risk of fire, particularly while you’re sleeping.

Most deaths caused by house fire are caused by smoke inhalation. While you are asleep, you are in a vulnerable situation and are unable to detect smoke odours. Smoke alarms will detect smoke and wake you before you are overcome by smoke.

Incredibly, despite smoke alarms being a legal requirement, many post fire investigations reveal that smoke alarms were either not working properly or had been disabled completely.

It is a simple fact that properly installed fire alarms save lives

While battery operated fire alarms are popular, they have some disadvantages. Batteries run down. When they do their warning beep is annoying and distracting, often causing home owners to disable the smoke alarm and then to “forget” to reinstall a battery. A better solution is to install a hard wired smoke alarm with a nine volt back up battery to ensure that your family is constantly protected from the threat of fire.


There are some simple rules to follow with smoke alarms to ensure your safety

 Never take the batteries out of an alarm because the noise is annoying
 Regularly test your smoke alarm to ensure that it’s working properly
 Always have a spare set of batteries ready to replace batteries that go flat

Now is a good time to consider your smoke alarm requirements. If you have any enquiries in relation to smoke alarms don’t hesitate to contact our Everest Electrical team.

To take advantage of our free electrical safety inspection for your home, or for any electrical issue that needs attention, our fully licensed team at Everest Electrical is on hand. Call us now on 0410 229 139.


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