Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke Alarms save lives

Smoke alarms are simple, small electronic devices that save lives

Whilst you are asleep it is impossible to detect smells, including the smell of smoke and where there is smoke there is fire.

The majority of fatalities related to fire are caused by smoke inhalation and the majority of smoke inhalation fatalities could have been avoided by operational smoke alarms.

Smoke Alarm Installation

An astounding amount of post fire investigations reveal inoperable smoke alarms, with flat batteries or simply without batteries installed at all. When a battery operated smoke alarm runs low on power, it will let you know by beeping every 5 minutes or so. This is an annoying noise that is often lazily fixed by removing the battery entirely, leaving an inoperable smoke alarm. Your smoke alarms should be tested regularly and kept in good working order at all times.

Installing a hard-wired smoke alarm with a 9volt battery as a backup, is the best way to ensure that you and your family are safe.


  • IT IS THE LAW!  You must have at least one smoke alarm per level in your home.
  • Smoke alarms only detect smoke below the ceiling so consider having a smoke alarm installed in your roof space.
  • NEVER take the batteries out of your smoke alarm because the noise annoys you.
  • Always have spare batteries on hand to replace flat ones.
  • Regularly test your smoke alarm to ensure it is operational. We advise you test them every month and have an electrician professionally check yearly with test smoke.
  • You have the option to install a hard wired alarm. (No more flat batteries and noisy beeping).
  • It is a simple truth…SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES!