Renovating Your Kitchen? Electrical Innovations to Include

Jun 14, 2017

As the most used room of the house, it’s no wonder that our kitchens need some extra love and attention at times. Renovating the kitchen is a great way not just to improve the entire home, but also to make the space in which we do our cooking and socialising more efficient and enjoyable.

The world of electrical innovations gets more and more fascinating each day, with manufacturers creating a range of products that not only look amazing but offer something futuristic to our homes as well.

Here are just a few creations that you might want to consider when renovating your kitchen in the near future.

Renovating Your Kitchen

Exhaust Fans

A handy ceiling exhaust fan can be an easy way to not only update the look of your kitchen but to make cleaning and cooking more efficient. There are now new models of exhaust fans available that fit into your ceiling, are fly and insect resistant, and the grille pops out and straight into your dishwasher for easy maintenance.

Pop Up Power Outlets

A pop up power outlet might sound like something out of the Jetsons, but it’s now a reality for your kitchen. These power outlets stay hidden away and flush with the bench when not in use, and are made from ceramic so they not only look modern, but give your kitchen a sleek and clean feel too.

Touch Screen Controllers

If you’re lucky enough to have smart home capabilities, the kitchen is the ideal place to keep the central controller. With a touch screen controller in the kitchen, you can control lighting, heating, and cooling, and even cook your dinner to your favourite music.

Smart Shelf

“Smart shelves” have been designed with the modern chef in mind. They’re capable of holding two smartphones to reduce clutter, and can even be a recipe stand as you use your digital device to follow instructions. The shelves also feature two USB chargers so you can keep connected and reduce the needs for cords around the home.

Indoor Motion Sensor

With one simple motion sensor in your cupboard, you can make cooking more efficient than ever. These sensors will go off when the cupboard is opened so that you can see your whole range of ingredients easier, and they save power by only using a light when someone is inside the pantry.

LED Downlights

To get the most modern and resourceful lighting for your kitchen, it has to be a LED downlight. Having LED downlights installed will give you the perfect lighting for your cooking and socialising, while saving on energy costs at the same time. If you’re looking to enhance a splashback or bench top, a LED downlight is a simple way to do it.

Reach out to the Professionals

If you’re ready to take your kitchen into the 21st century and want to benefit from some of these amazing innovations, you’ll need the help of a trusted electrical professional to get the job done. Our team at Everest Electrical has years of experience installing new electrical appliances and services to homes on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore – we can help you too.

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