Additions and Renovations

Renovating your home

Adding a room or maybe three?

With technology on the move at a rate that has never been matched at any time in the past, it is important to future proof the areas of your home that you can, whilst access is available. With simple cost effective provisional wiring installed during construction, you can be ready for the fridge that needs a phone line to order milk and eggs, or the television that needs a link to your automated home security. The future is coming and every day new systems and gadgets are arriving on our shores to improve household efficiency and safety around the home.

The majority of homes in Australia were built over 20 years ago when all that was provided was one power outlet and a globe in the middle of the room. These homes must now be wired up to meet the needs of the modern family. As well as the standard lights and power points required during renovation works, be sure you insure yourself against the requirements of the next gadget to arrive in the post…who knows what it may be.

Electrical Additions and Renovations