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It is no secret to the residents of Collaroy on the Northern Beaches that the pristine surf beach and surrounding areas are a magnet for local fauna. Birds and aquatic animals such as Terns, Yellow-crested Cockatoos, Sea Eagles, Dolphins and Whales can all be spotted in season. There was even a visit from a New Zealand Fur Seal in 2005.

Surrounded by this amazing setting with its diverse wildlife are over 14,000 Collaroy residents who rely on quality tradesmen to carry out work which better allows and even enhances their way of life.

With a focus on your electricity supply and electrical appliances, right now our licensed professionals at Everest Electrical are offering free electrical safety inspections for Collaroy homeowners.

Accredited Level 2 Electrical Work

One of the key requirements for anyone requiring major electricity supply work is certification, and in New South Wales there is an accreditation scheme.

There are three levels in the scheme:

• Level 1 – Network Asset Contestable Construction
• Level 2 – Connection Services/Contestable Service Work
• Level 3 – Network Asset Contestable Design

At Everest Electrical we have particular expertise in not just Level 1 work, but also all that’s covered under Level 2 of the accreditation scheme. This work is further subdivided into four categories as follows.

 Category 1 involves the disconnection of a building or property from the electrical network.

 Category 2 relates to the underground electrical network of a premises, including installation and repair of service lines to establish a connection with the network.

 Category 3 similar to the previous category this relates to the installation and repair of service lines however when they are overhead rather than underground.

 Category 4 relates to the installation of electrical meters.

This is, of course, a generalised list of the required competencies. It enables a better understanding of the licensing process for accredited service providers who should be carrying out work in your home.

Talk To The Experts

If you have any work requiring the services of a professionally fully licensed Level 2 Electrician, don’t hesitate to call the team at Everest Electrical.

Collaroy homeowners should act now to book their free home electrical safety inspection on 0410 229 139.


We are happy to answer any questions and discuss your upcoming project in person or over the phone with you today. 

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