Subfloor Ventilation – Lilyfield

Lilyfield, NSW

Service: Subfloor Ventilation


Our clients were concerned at the rising damp levels they were facing in their home. Mould and mildew was appearing in areas and they wanted a solution fast!


Excessive moisture levels beneath your home can cause rising damp, damage to timber framing, wood rot, un-wanted odours and the list goes on. If left untreated this can escalate quickly and also pose significant health issues.

An affordable solution is a sub-floor ventilation system that can be installed with little disruption to your home. We installed 3 continuously rated inline fans with the units drawing air from problem areas and venting out through vents in the brickwork.
 The newly installed inline fans were also placed on a dedicated circuit activated by a timer to operate at different times during the day, allowing noise control and better cost efficiency.sub

The result is a cost effective solution to minimise rising damp by supplying vital air movement.

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