Underfloor Ventilation Fans

Poorly ventilated floor and crawl spaces can be a health hazard in your home

Moisture is drawn up from the ground and is absorbed by the air that fills the cavity under your house. If this air is not expelled, mould and mildew build up and begin to thrive.  These moist, mouldy conditions promote the decay and rotting of normally healthy dry timber work, attract termites to settle in and invite ill heath and disease to those that reside above including rashes, tiredness, chronic coughs, sinus problems, respiratory illness & migraines. Preventing these conditions is a priority for family health.

Poorly ventilated floor and crawl spaces are all too common.

Underfloor ventilation is often not required where natural air flow is adequate, but often this air flow must be forced. The most common type of system draws air out of this area forcing dry air in to replace it and the cycle continues.

A professional underfloor fan is almost silent and is extremely cheap to run & can be coupled with a timed circuit to prevent operation during the morning dew/moist times of the day. It is a very effective way to eliminate the issue of moist conditions under the average home.