Why Adequate Underfloor Ventilation is A Must in Your Home

Oct 12, 2016

For a homeowner, the only areas of their house where they consider adequate ventilation to be a concern is with their roof and windows. However, the area under our homes is just as at risk for moisture build up, causing a range of structural and other issues.

While many homes are built with underfloor ventilation systems, these may be inadequate or obstructed. And some homes never had a ventilation system installed. Fitting your home with quality underfloor ventilation is crucial to the health of your house and everyone who lives within.

What are the dangers of a poorly ventilated home?

If your home was never fitted with underfloor ventilation, or if there are other issues obstructing its efficiency, the effects of poor air flow will be felt throughout the house. Without ventilation, humidity is trapped within the sub-floor which can then travel through your entire home.

This moisture build up is ideal for the growth of mould, which can not only be damaging to the structure of your home, but also for the inhabitants. Mould has been known to cause a range of allergic reactions and infections that can become very serious when not dealt with. And mould is not only dangerous; it also looks and smells terrible, which damages the overall quality of your home.

With a damp subfloor, your home’s timber can be affected, allowing it to expand. An expanded timber floor will warp, bend, and eventually rot away which can be extremely risky to the structural support. This can result in costly repairs and even make your home vulnerable to a termite infestation.

Mould from no underfloor ventilation

The benefits of underfloor ventilation

With a subfloor ventilation system in place, your home will benefit from clean air flow in many ways. Here are just a few advantages to having your home professionally fitted with underfloor ventilation:

  • Save money and health

Not only will a correctly installed underfloor ventilation system save you on repairs, but it may also reduce the incidence of illness in your home as a result of the removal of mould.

  • Reduce allergies

Without adequate air flow, your home is more likely to produce moisture and mildew which can cause a range of serious allergies to all family members.

  • Protect your home’s structure

Having underfloor ventilation is the simplest and most cost-effective way to keep your home’s floors strong and durable for years, improving its foundations and structural support.

  • Prevent termites

A moisture filled floor is the quickest way to attract a termite infestation which can be both a nuisance to deal with, but extremely expensive to eradicate.

How adequate underfloor ventilation is installed

If your current underfloor ventilation system is no longer working as well as it should, or needs to be replaced, the process is a quick and easy one. These systems use underfloor fans and pumps which are positioned especially to remove the damp air from under your home, giving you clean air and a dry floor.

Once a good ventilation system is fitted, you’ll notice the instant effects of having clean air flow in your house, and because it’s virtually silent and costs so little to run you’ll never have to give it a second thought. Although there may be an initial cost for installation, the savings over time to your health and finances will be well worth it.

If you are on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or North Shore, and would like qualified and professional advice on your home’s underfloor ventilation, we welcome your call to Everest Electrical on 0410 229 139.

Our team will be able to inspect your home and offer advice on how your current underfloor venting can be improved so you can experience the benefits for yourself.