Switchboard Upgrade Dual Occupancy – Balgowlah

Balgowlah, NSW

Service: Switchboard Upgrade


Our clients were becoming increasingly concerned at the state of their switchboard and rightfully so! The board was in almost original condition from a 1960’s build and was becoming a safety issue.


With the team from Everest Electrical being Level 2 Authorised Service Providers we were able to tackle every component of this installation from the new connection at the network pole, new digital meters and the entire switchboard upgrade.

We removed the old switchboard enclosure and associated equipment, identified all the circuits and marked out where our new board was to go. Our large concrete cut off saw was required to make some room for the new board to fit.

We then installed the new galvanised steel enclosure, new digital meters, new circuit breakers and safety switches on all relevant circuits. Regulation testing passed with flying colours and the install was energised. Happy and safe new switchboard!

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