Under Ground Over Head – Collaroy Plateau

Collaroy Plateau, NSW

Service: Under Ground Over Head


Our clients wanted to remove the eyesore of electrical cables reaching their home. A safety component was also a key issue.


Everest Electrical’s in house Level 2 Authorised Service Providers are qualified in UGOH Installation. UGOH stands for Under Ground Over Head where the electrical cables normally serviced above ground are now placed 600mm below ground in heavy duty orange conduit.

This job was difficult because the pathway for the cable from network pole (located just outside the property) to the switchboard went directly through a lot of services including gas and water. This meant a very slow and careful dig.

The newly dug trench allowed all the electrical cables and telecommunication cables to be placed below ground and out of sight.

Our clients were extremely happy with the result – no unsightly cables to be seen on this house.


UGOH installation service

UGOH installation collaroy

underground project collaroy

everest electrical UGOH installation service

underground overhead project collaroy

UGOH project finished underneath grass

UGOH finished project