Hardwood Timber Pole Installation And New Switchboard – Ingleside

Aug 9, 2022


Service: Hardwood Timber Pole Installation And New Switchboard

This large vegetation management site in Ingleside required a separate power connection to provide electricity for a timber milling workshop.


We applied for permission to connect the new 3 phase supply via Ausgrid and following extended communications and consultation with the senior inspector we were given permission to connect to a supply pole adjacent the proposed timber mill.

We were able to reach the proposed private pole location with our auger truck and excavate a 2 Meter deep footing for the timber pole. A timber pole was craned into place and levelled and a 3 phase 100 Amp supply was connected to the approved point of common coupling at the network pole.

A complete supply box was mounted on the new pole including 3 phase metering and a main switch to allow connection of the mills circuitry when built.

All compliance and supply authority paper work was submitted and the supply commissioned for use.