Things You Didn’t Know About New Lighting Technology

Jul 12, 2017

New lighting technologies have allowed people to change the way they think about setting the mood and keeping out of the dark. In recent years, we have seen LED lights take centre stage in our homes, as well as improved technology that brings controls that are more accessible to our fingertips.

With so many options out there it can be overwhelming to know what to use in your home and why. Here we will shed some light on what new technology is out there, and the changes it can bring to your homes.

Things You Didn't Know About New Lighting Technology

LED lighting – the quiet achiever

In recent years the humble LED has come a long way from when it was first developed over fifty years ago. With its first commercial applications being small indicators on appliances including radios, calculators and televisions, the technology moved forward in leaps and bounds to the point where it was possible to be used for lighting purposes.

LED lights are incredibly efficient, meaning that they need less energy to provide the same amount of light as a conventional incandescent bulb, with a much longer lifespan. This not only leads to a smaller electricity bill for you, but also means you’ll be replacing them less often – a double saving right there. For those of us who like to entertain, LED globes are bound to help set the mood for your next dinner party. With multiple coloured LEDs within the one globe, we now have access to not only differently coloured lights but also lights that can change colour to suit any application you like.

Control systems – Tying it all together

Regardless of whether you are trying to set the mood, add some security and safety to your home, or be more efficient in the lights you use, there is a way to make it happen easily.

Lighting controls can give you the flexibility you need to set the lighting to your desired levels. For example, in your bedrooms we can have pre-set lighting levels so that you can have full lighting – useful for when you’re trying to find that missing sock – or dim the lighting to only the bulbs on the wall as you get ready for sleep. This flexibility and versatility can also be used in our entertaining areas, where we can set the lighting to be dimmed in home theatres to minimise the glare, or at our dinner tables to add ambience.

For added safety and security, timers can be set to turn lights on and off throughout the home while you’re away, giving the impression that people are there. Should your smoke alarms go off in the middle of the night, sensors and controllers can be installed that will light up your corridors to take out the chance of stumbling over something in the dark as you try to get out.

The Apps – bringing the power to the palm of your hand

With improvements in home networking, almost everything now can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet, making the already common phrase “there’s an app for that” even more realistic. Light globes and power points for floor and table lamps are now available which will connect to your home wi-fi network, allowing you to switch them on and off, change the brightness and even change the colour of some lights at the push of a digital button or, in this case, the tap of a screen, no matter where you are in the house.

When it comes to lighting technologies, the only limit is your imagination. To find out more about how to tie these elements together and bring your lighting ideas to life, our friendly and experienced team at Everest Electrical can help you out. Call us today on 0410 229 139 to learn about what we can do for you.