Tricky Electrical Issues Solved by Elevated Work Platforms

At Everest Electrical in Sydney, our electrical services span almost every domestic, commercial and industrial need imaginable. We run our own fleet of professionally maintained vehicles, including elevated work platforms like cherry pickers, so that we can quickly respond to any problem – including those in high, out of reach places.

Worker on Elevated Work Platform

By always having a nearly 11-metre high cherry picker and expertly trained staff on hand, our team is able to reach all kinds of places on the Northern Beaches and service a number of tricky electrical issues, including:

Servicing and installing aerial power supplies

Tackling any electrical issue high off the ground poses a number of potential risks and hazards that the average homeowner should avoid. Ladders are often unable to reach the heights necessary to solve an aerial power supply issue, and statistics show that they can be incredibly unsafe.

  • Ladder use was related to at least 5000 hospital-treated injuries over the span of one year (MUARC, 2004).
  • At least 12 Australian worker deaths were ladder-related in 2004 (MUARC, 2004).
  • Ladder-related incidents caused over 150 worker fatalities in the United States, and 20,000 non-fatal injuries (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015).

Having an elevated work platform on hand not only allows us to address any electrical-related issue you may encounter. We also protect owner liability by significantly reducing the risk of injury by having a cherry picker readily available and by ensuring that our team of Level 2 Sydney electricians have the right training and certifications necessary to work on an elevated service to tend to your electrical needs.

Underground/overhead services (UGOH)

As energy needs across Sydney and all of Australia expand, there is a greater demand for power that is not only affordable but is also clean, accessible, and smart for residential and commercial properties.

The Level 2 electricians at Everest Electrical can handle any overhead and underground electrical issue thanks to our elevated platform. Depending on the needs and demands of a client, we are able to place overhead electrical lines underground and vice versa. Our expertly trained team will also discuss any questions you may have surrounding this type of service, including pros and cons as well as cost-effective options.

Storm response

The Sydney electricians here at Everest are regularly called to handle power outages that are the result of trees and other foliage coming into contact with overhead wires due to storms or high winds. Our elevated platform allows us to quickly clip and trim away overgrown or broken tree limbs and branches so that we can restore a safe, uninterrupted flow of electricity to your property as soon as possible.

Emergency issues

Frayed or damaged wires, meter box issues, power pole problems, and more, can all be quickly addressed with little stress to property owners. There is no electrical problem our Sydney Level 2 electricians can’t handle, including unexpected aerial electrical emergency situations on both public and private poles on residential and commercial properties.

Restore Your Path to Power with Everest Electrical

No electrical installation, power restoration or emergency situation is too taxing for the Level 2 Sydney electricians at Everest Electrical. Servicing Northern Beaches and all of metro Sydney, our team of expert power pros have the training necessary to ensure the safe installation and repair of any electrical application from any height.

Have an electrical problem that needs to be addressed? Check out our FAQ page for answers or give us a call today at 0410 229 139.