Elevated Work Platforms for Working at Heights

When it comes to performing electrical work around the house and garden, safety must always be the first priority. When you need work done in high and hard to reach places, using an elevated work platform (EWP) or cherry picker is the best solution.

Electrocutions and house fires are often the result of poor electrical work or unsafe work practises. Working at heights and difficult to reach places adds another element of danger, especially when working near power lines and overhead cabling.

What is an elevated work platform

An elevated work platform is a machine used to reach or access places of height that may be otherwise inaccessible. They are usually used for temporary purposes and are not permanent fixtures.

When you’ll need an elevated work platform

Elevated Work Platform Services

There are a few occasions when you might need help from professionals to get work done, especially when dealing with heights and power. You may need a professional with an elevated work platform for the following tasks:

Cutting or trimming branches around your property

Trees and branches can cause havoc with overhead power lines in the event of strong winds or storms. (Something we definitely need to consider when living on the Northern Beaches). Cutting or trimming these branches is one of the best ways of avoiding power disruptions and damage during storms.

Many local residents don’t know that clearing these from nearby power lines overhanging on their property is their responsibility.

Getting this done however is no easy task. Attempting to do so without the proper training or authorisation can be extremely dangerous, with most home owners lacking the right equipment and skill to safely remove the branches.

Attempting to reach areas around power lines by using ladders or other unsuitable equipment can lead to severe electrocution, injury or death. Not to mention the risk of falls from attempting to cut down tree branches from heights.

Power outages and storm response

If the branches around your property haven’t been trimmed, power outages may occur as a result of them coming into contact with the electrical wires overhead. An elevated work platform allows an electrician to easily and quickly remove the branches or foliage so an uninterrupted flow of electricity can be restored safely.

Worker on Elevated Work Platform

Servicing and installing aerial power supplies

Tackling any electrical issue high off the ground poses a number of potential risks and hazards that the average homeowner should avoid. Ladders are often unable to reach the heights necessary to solve an aerial power supply issue, and statistics show that they can be incredibly unsafe.

  • Ladder use was related to at least 5000 hospital-treated injuries over the span of one year (MUARC, 2004).
  • At least 12 Australian worker deaths were ladder-related in 2004 (MUARC, 2004).
  • Ladder-related incidents caused over 150 worker fatalities in the United States, and 20,000 non-fatal injuries (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015).

Having an electrician with an elevated work platform on hand allows them to address any electrical-related issue you may encounter. This also protects owner liability by significantly reducing the risk of injury by having a cherry picker readily available.

Underground/overhead services (UGOH)

As energy needs across Sydney and all of Australia expand, there is a greater demand for power that is not only affordable but is also clean, accessible, and smart for residential and commercial properties.

Depending on your needs, you may wish to place overhead electrical lines underground and vice versa. An Accredited Level 2 Electrician can handle any overhead and underground electrical issue thanks to an elevated work platform. An experienced team will also discuss any questions you may have surrounding this type of service, including pros and cons as well as cost-effective options.

Emergency issues

Frayed or damaged wires, meter box issues, power pole problems, and more, can all be quickly addressed using an elevated work platform with little stress to property owners. Other emergency issues include unexpected aerial electrical situations on both public and private poles on residential and commercial properties.

Non-electrical work

You may have work that needs to be carried out which may not be electrical related, however, involves height and poses a risk to your safety. For example:

  • Window cleaning
  • Sign cleaning
  • Filming
  • Photography

This is where an elevated work platform can come in handy and be of great use to you.

Is a license required to operate an EWP?

Yes, a license is required to operate an elevated work platform in Australia. It’s also very important to remember no electrical work can be done unless you are licensed. The New South Wales Fair Trading website states:

“An electrical licence is required before any electrical wiring work can be undertaken in NSW, regardless of the cost of the work and regardless of whether the work is residential, commercial or industrial”.

Safety first

Using an electrician and an elevated work platform means jobs can be performed safely in those hard to reach places. Accredited Level 2 Electricians have the expertise and equipment to undertake jobs on the Electricity Distribution Network including solar metering, power pole installation, underground and overhead services and more.

Our elevated work platforms and cherry pickers mean we can safely perform jobs in those hard to reach places, like tree trimming and essential maintenance around power lines. If you have a job that requires an elevated work platform, or need any other type of electrical work done, give our friendly team at Everest Electrical a call today on 0410 229 139.