TV Wall Mount Installation – The Simplest Way to Revamp Your Home

Jun 28, 2017

If you’re part of the majority of Australians who own a flat screen television, chances are you have it situated in the lounge room on a TV cabinet. While this might have been the traditional place for the older styles of units, most homes are now making the switch to a TV wall mount installation.

Unmounted televisions can not only be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal for young children, but they can also take up unnecessary space and give a dated look to your living area. With one simple installation of a TV wall mount, you can modernise your home and help to keep your entire family safe as well.

TV Wall Mount Installation

The Dangers of An Unmounted Television

Research conducted in America by the Safe Kids Worldwide organisation found some alarming statistics about televisions and children. Every 45 minutes, a child visits the emergency department for an injury related to the TV tipping over, and every three weeks one of these accidents causes a death in children.

According to KidSafe Victoria, the peak age for these incidents and others involving tipping over furniture is when the child is two years old, so it pays to fix the problem as soon as your children are born. Even if you don’t have kids in the house, there are other ways that your living space can benefit from a TV wall mount installation.

How A TV Wall Mount Installation Can Benefit Your Home

Besides the obvious safety benefits you can achieve when mounting your television, there are a number of other ways your living space and home will benefit as well. Here are just a few improvements you’ll notice when you have your TV professionally mounted:

  • When you mount your TV on the wall, you can save the space usually used down below. Not only can the TV take up room, but any cabinets or cupboards used to rest it on can now be used for other things or removed completely.
  • Mounting your television on the wall gives a sleek and modern look to the space, so whether it’s in your living room or bedroom, you’ll get an instant makeover when you have it mounted.
  • When you have your TV professionally installed to the optimal viewing position, you’re ensuring that it’s at the correct viewing angle to reduce eye and neck strain for your family.
  • As many Australian homes now have a flat screen TV, there’s really no reason not to use your space efficiently and have the television mounted to the wall. Almost all modern televisions have the ability to be fixed to the wall, and it’s full of so many benefits to your family and home.

How To Mount Your TV

You might be tempted to turn this into a DIY job to attempt on the weekend, but given the dangers that are possible with an incorrect installation, it really is best to leave it to the professionals. A licensed electrician can not only install the correct wiring and power points, if required, but will also be able to mount it correctly using safe procedures and equipment.

If you’re in Sydney’s North Shore or Northern Beaches and are ready to safeguard your home against the potential dangers of an unmounted TV – or just want to improve and modernise your living space, our team at Everest Electrical is here to help.

We invite you to call us on 0410 229 139 to discuss a TV wall mount installation for your home. This one simple job might not only save a life, it will also immediately enhance the aesthetics of your lounge room.