Electrical Safety Inspections

Keeping your home safe

To the average person the home does not seem like a dangerous place. In fact more injuries are sustained, on average, around the home than in any other place. Electricity is a silent assassin waiting for the correct conditions to attack. It must be respected and handled correctly at all times.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Investing in an electrical safety inspection can save lives

Seeking the keen eye of a trained professional to inspect the electrical system that surrounds your family is highly recommended. Small signs of wear and tear can be picked up on before they become the cause of injury or even worse, fatality. Prevention is better than a cure & generally more cost effective too.

There are several devices that should be and in some cases are legally required to be installed where people reside. Safety switches, smoke alarms, and surge diverters sit quietly in your home waiting to alert you to any dangers that arise, but should be the last line of defence.

An electrical safety inspection & report will cover items including:

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Safety Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Switchboard
  • Asbestos Panels
  • Dangerous Power Points
  • Wiring
  • Earthing System
  • Water Pipe Bond
  • Heat Hoods
  • Lights
  • Sub Floor Ventilation
  • Energy Efficiency

Be proactive and check some safety issues regularly yourself:

  • Cords – Frayed, damaged or exposed wires present potential hazards
  • Lights – Incorrect wattage for the fixtures can cause overheating & cause fires
  • Smoke Alarms – Test regularly to ensure they are working & always have spare batteries available
  • Outlets & Switches – Exposed wiring on outlets & switches are a shock hazard.  Overloaded power bars & extension cords are a potential fire hazard.
  • Outdoor Power Points – Outlets without weatherproof covers can malfunction & are shock & fire hazards.

If in doubt call your electrician and have a full safety inspection report conducted. Put your mind at ease and keep you and your family safe!

Electrical Safety Tips For Kids