Switchboard Upgrade and Ausgrid Defect Notice Rectification – Belrose

Belrose, NSW

Service: Switchboard Upgrade


Our clients were issued with a defect notice by supply authority Ausgrid. Parts of their electrical connection to the grid were non-compliant with current rules and regulations. Upon visiting the project we also brought to the attention of our clients the extremely unsafe switchboard with minimal safety protection on all circuits of the home.


Everest Electrical is a Level 2 Service Provider and is authorised to install and upgrade the incoming Aerial Service. We installed a Prysmian 25mm2 Aluminium Single Phase Cable along with a new point of attachment to rectify the defect whilst adhering to the supply authority’s rules and regulations.

The second stage of the project involved the removal of the old switchboard and installation of a new galvanised steel enclosure. The consumer mains were also upgraded to 16mm2 XLPE Single Core Cable and all circuits within the home were issued with new Circuit Breakers to protect fixed appliances or Residual Current Devices protecting all socket outlets, which automatically switch off if a fault is detected in the circuit. The last stage included the upgrade of the switchboard’s earthing system including earth electrode and water pipe bond.

Our clients were exceedingly pleased with the completion of the project and can rest easy that the entire family and home is now protected by the latest in safety technology. The rectification of the defect notice also assures our client that no further action will be taken against them.