Switchboard Dual Occupancy – Killarney

Killarney, NSW

Service: Switchboard Installation & 3 Phase Connection


After completing a new home build with a self contained granny flat the owner/builder’s electrician was unable to perform the 3 phase network connection or the main switch board metering, wiring and network protective works.


We performed these works in 2 stages, firstly running the new 3 phase 100A aerial service from the private pole at the front of the property to the network pole across the street, leaving the supply safety capped off atop the pole for use the next day.

Secondly the metering and required protective equipment were mounted within the recessed enclosure and wired, then the new mains run inside the private pole to the awaiting mains run the day before.

Paper work submitted to supply authority and the installation energized for testing by the electrical contractor in charge of the internal wiring.