Switchboard and 3 Phase Upgrade with Relocation – Greenwich

Greenwich, NSW

Service: Switchboard Upgrade


A customer had purchased a three phase appliance and only had a single phase supply, his switchboard was also mounted very high adjacent the front door of his home and was very difficult to access.
This causes a hazard when accessing the switchboard must be done in an emergency situation.


We applied to the supply authority for the permission to perform the 3 phase upgrade, once approved we pick up the new 3 phase metering and attended site.

We removed the existing switchboard and metering devices, junction all the cables in the wall cavity and extended them down to the new meter box location.

New 3 phase consumer mains were installed to allow the extra 2 phases to run from the point of attachment to the switchboard and a new 3 phases aerial service was run to the network pole outside the front gate.
All cables and junctions were kept neatly hidden in wall cavities and the owner was set to patch and paint the areas where to old board was mounted.

The installation was connected to the supply and paper work was submitted to supply authority.