Private Pole – Narrabeen

Narrabeen, NSW

Service: Private Power Pole Replacement


A customer living close to the ocean has a steel private power pole that has corroded at ground level and is on a dangerous lean. The pole is being fed by a mid span electrical connection, this means an EWP truck is required to access the connection point safely.


We were able to safely disconnect the flying fox mid span aerial electrical service and lower the corroded power pole using our EWP truck.

Once the pole had been felled we excavated around the base of the pole to uncover the underground consumer mains cables, the cables were in good condition so were able to be re used.

The new galvanized pole was shortened by 1.5 meters as the full length was not required and then erected in place of the old pole.

After the concrete had set enough to allow re connection of the aerial service we re attached it to a new Q hook fitted whilst the pole was still on the ground.

Following the relevant tests the electricity supply was energised and the paving replaced around the base of the pole.

Power Pole Replacement

Private Pole – Narrabeen

Private Power Pole Replacement