New Private Pole – Pacific Highway Lane Cove

Lane Cove, NSW

Service: New Private Power Pole


Our clients were wanting to remove a mid-span connection supplying their home for upcoming renovations. However, to do this, involved crossing Sydney’s busy Pacific Highway at Artarmon.


This project was to be completed in two individual stages:

Stage 1:

Installation of an oversized custom made private pole was required – 168mm wide and 9.2m high enabling the height and strength to facilitate the cables safely above the Pacific Highway crossing. New 16mm XLPE consumer mains from the homes point of attachment to the switchboard were also required.

Stage 2:

With Our ROL (Road Occupancy Licence) and our TCP (Traffic Control Plan) in place, we were ready to tackle this project. A busy road like the Pacific Highway can only be closed between the hours of 10pm – 5am. Our dedicated team set their alarms very early and arrived on site at 3am. This ensured no issues in closing the road safely.

The new 3 phase circuit was attached to the new private pole and connected to the network pole. Our ‘kerbside’ and ‘centre of road’ regulation heights were achieved and the cabling was then energised. 
The removal of the old consumer mains then took place and our new consumer mains and protective devices were installed. Regulation testing achieved successful results and the install was complete.

private power pole replacement

private power pole installation artarmon

private power pole lane cove

private power pole artarmon

private power pole replacement

private power pole installation lane cove