New Harwood 10 Metre Timber Pole Installed – Windsor

Aug 9, 2022


Service: Private Pole Replacement

A 10M hardwood timber private pole required relocation and replacement in the carpark of a construction site in Windsor, The proposed location was setup as an exclusion zone with witches hats and a safety observer, a footing was excavated in the soft ground down to approximately 2.5 Metres to maintain stability in the flood zone.

After craning the new pole in place, road base or recycled concrete was used to backfill around the new pole. The road base is compacted by hand in layers to set the new pole firmly in its new position. The existing aerial service line was intercepted using our insulated EWP truck and attached to the top of the new pole with 16MM point of attachment hardware and left at the top of the pole for use by a secondary contractor.