Fireproof Your Electricity Power Pole

Power pole installations have to be chosen carefully. In order to get the power from the street to your property, it’s up to you to maintain the private pole. As such, you are in control of what you get since it is owned by you.

Installing a private pole offers a few benefits:

  • Aesthetic purposes
  • Avoid cables that cross your home
  • Maintain a safe height away from foliage

Regardless of why you choose to have a private pole, you have to consider fireproofing it. Particularly with the number of brush fires that have consumed Australia in the past year, it ensures that you’re being a responsible homeowner. The private pole is your responsibility, which means that fireproofing it is also your responsibility.

What are the power pole options?

It’s important to explore the different power pole options you can have installed. This will allow you to look at their natural properties to determine how safe they can be in the event a brushfire ends up near your land.

Steel: Poles are lightweight and can have a lifespan of around 15 years. They can be prone to rust and decay when not being maintained properly.

Timber: Poles are heavier but can span 30+ years old. They can be prone to rot, termite attacks, and can burn quickly in a fire.

Composite: Poles are not only naturally fireproofed but also have a lifetime warranty.

Understanding your options will allow you to determine which one can hold up more effectively on your property. Further, you can determine if you want to fireproof your existing one or make an upgrade.


How Power Poles are Fireproofed

Poles need to be fireproofed so that you don’t experience damage in the event of a fire. You never know when a fire could occur. As such, you have to be prepared for what may suddenly consume your property.

Choosing to fireproof reduces the damage while also protecting against outages. If the pole catches fire, you’re undoubtedly going to lose power – and it could take days, weeks, or even months to restore the power depending on the level of the fire.

First, consider what can be done to prevent a fire from occurring near the pole:

  • Regular trimming
  • Application of herbicides
  • Grubbing the pole
  • Removing the fuel source at the base

All of these things can be done to reduce the possibility of the pole catching fire. However, if the pole itself catches fire, you have to be sure that it is fireproof.

You will want to look at protecting the pole itself. While steel and composite power poles are naturally fireproof, timber poles are susceptible to burn up quickly, causing destruction and loss of power.

There are ways to improve the situation altogether:

Replace: You can choose to replace your pole with a material that is capable of withstanding the heat and flames, such as composite.

Bury: Rather than dealing with a pole, you can choose to move your electrical wires underground. While this isn’t an option in all areas, it may be worth exploring.

As you explore the options for fireproofing your power pole, you will want to look at the various benefits as suitable for your property. Additionally, if you’re looking to get something fireproofed immediately because of a fire already burning in your area, this has to be a consideration.

Fires are capable of consuming everything it comes into contact with. You need to ensure that you’re being responsible as a pole owner, doing what you can to avoid service interruptions. With so many fire-retardant products out there, it can be a cost-effective solution to mitigate the damages of a brushfire.

The Benefits of Switching to a Titan Composite Power Pole

As you look to fireproof a power pole, you have to look at the overall structural integrity of your existing pole. If it’s been damaged by rot, moisture, or other environmental factors, it can be in your best interest to replace it.

By switching to a Titan Composite power pole, you can gain a number of benefits. Composite poles have a history of standing tall against bushfires and firestorms around the globe.

Some of the main benefits of a Titan Composite power pole include:

  • High strength
  • Design flexibility
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Eco-friendly

Residential and commercial owners alike are making the choice to replace wood poles with Titan composite ones because of their natural ability to resist fire. They are lighter than wood and concrete and can be suitable anywhere across Australia. They can tolerate saline ground conditions and are UV proof.

While it is an investment to switch to composite power poles, the cost of ownership over time is lower. You will find them to be sturdier. With regular maintenance, they can stand for many years to come – even if a brushfire comes your way.

Titan Composite

Take Action

Fireproofing is something that should be done right away so you don’t risk problems on your property. Regardless of what type of pole you have in place now, it can be fireproofed and/or replaced with a fireproof Titan Composite power pole. At Everest Electrical, we can look at the power pole you have and make recommendations.

Even your steel and composite poles should be fireproofed in terms of clearing brush away from the base. Further, we can move or bury the fuel source so that it isn’t affected if there’s a fire in the area.

Every situation is going to be different. We’ll inspect your poles, determine what problems exist, and talk to you about your options. Only then can you make an informed decision on how best to fireproof your power poles.

Learn more about fireproofing your electricity power pole with a call to Everest Electrical. Our level two electricians specialise in power poles and can talk to you about the process and benefits involved.