Electrical Fault Finding & Rectification

Electrical Faults in the home

Is there a light that flickers in your home? Or a power point that only works half of the time?

Electrical faults can be persistent problems around the home, especially where safety switches are installed. Safety switches are the most common cause of electrical faults due to the extremely high level of sensitivity they offer.

The problem is so profound it has been named “nuisance tripping” and is the cause of many a problem in the modern home. When the options consist of locating the problem or removing the safety switch, there is only really one way to go as safety switches are essential for preventing injury or death from electrical shock.

Experience in all aspects of electrical wiring and installation procedures is a great advantage when attempting to locate electrical faults. Electricians must use imagination and positive movement forward in any direction, to locate the most stubborn problems that occur in the every day home.

Electrical Fault Finding