Ceiling Fan Installation

Keeping cool with ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are the most common and cost effective way to stay cool in the warmer months and can actually help to keep you warm in the cooler months.

Types of ceiling fans

There are many different types of ceiling fans, but they all do the same simple job of moving air over your skin, which in turn keeps you cool. Your body is like the radiator in a car, it has heat that requires the flow of air to disperse.

Unlike air-conditioning a ceiling fan does not change the temperature of the air so is working less and using less energy to operate. The average fan uses less electricity than a 60 watt light globe and can be the difference between a good nights sleep and a hot sweaty night of tossing and turning.

Installing Ceiling Fan

How your ceiling fan can help in winter

In the winter months the warm air that is in your home behaves according to the rules of physics and collects at the top of your living room or bedroom leaving you to sit in the cool air below. Reversing the operation of a ceiling fan draws the cool air up and forces the warm air down to where it can be appreciated for the same low cost of the cooling effects offered in summer.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans:

  • Energy Efficient – only use about 2% of the electricity of an equivalent air conditioner.
  • Cost Effective – Combined with air conditioners or heaters improves their efficacy and efficiency & sometimes reduces electricity bills in peak times as much as 30-40%.
  • Green – Significant reduction in electricity usage and costs means better for the environment.
  • Pest Control – When placed above tables or used in outdoor rooms ceiling fans can dissuade flying pests as they don’t like breeze.
  • Safe – Compared to floor standing models, ceiling fans are safer for small children & pets.
  • Decor – With so many interesting designs available ceiling fans can be a decorative feature.
  • Versatility – Ceiling fans can be combined with lights for functionality and visual balance.