Subfloor Ventilation – Avalon

Avalon, NSW Service: Subfloor Ventilation Problem. Our clients were experiencing musty smells coming from below the family home. Solution. Poor ventilation and air flow can be the leading cause of mould and rising damp issues. We installed a continuously rated inline fan on a dedicated circuit controlled by a 24-hour timer. The air is extracted… DETAILS HERE

Why Adequate Underfloor Ventilation is A Must in Your Home

Mould from no underfloor ventilation

For a homeowner, the only areas of their house where they consider adequate ventilation to be a concern is with their roof and windows. However, the area under our homes is just as at risk for moisture build up, causing a range of structural and other issues. While many homes are built with underfloor ventilation… Keep Reading

Can Sub Floor Ventilation Be Good For Your Health?

Mould growth

The issues of damp, mould and health have been brought firmly to the forefront recently with the public housing health crisis hitting NSW. Inadequate maintenance, thanks to budget and resources shortfalls, have left tenants living in damp, mouldy, and therefore, unhealthy conditions. Professional mycologists inspected one apartment of concern, where the mother and daughter had… Keep Reading

The Benefits of Sub Floor Ventilation Systems

Old Underfloor Ventilation Fan

What’s that smell? It could be decay caused by damp underfloor. Most of us give little thought to the crawl-spaces under our home, unless we’re presented with a reason to go down there. However poor underfloor ventilation can cause serious issues for your home – serious and expensive. The Danger of Damp Underfloor When there… Keep Reading

Why Do You Need To Check Your Sub Floor Ventilation Today


You like to think that you’re very particular about making your home the cleanest and healthiest living space for you and your family. Every day, you aim to complete at least one cleaning task, no matter how busy the day will be. In the weekends, your general home cleaning process can rival a major spring… Keep Reading