Stay Safe From House Fires This Winter

Fire Engine Sign

Every week during winter, NSW firefighters respond to more than 100 house fire calls – half of those starting in kitchens. With around 60% of annual house fires happening during the winter months (between May and September), it is not surprising that NSW firefighters are now urging home owners to be prepared for winter and… Keep Reading

Be Alarmed: Smoke Alarmed

Installing Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are life saving devices, so much so that their installation in homes in NSW is covered by legislation. If you are in the NSW capital and are concerned about compliance, ask your local Sydney electrician. And if you’re on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our team here at Everest Electrical are always more than happy… Keep Reading

Where There’s Smoke: How You Can Protect Your Family With Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke Alarm Installation

Like a thief in the night, a fire can easily break out and raze your home without the slightest hint of an attack. Some people would even daresay that it is a million times better to be burglarised than be a victim of fire. At least with burglary, a victim can easily recoup his or… Keep Reading