So Simple Home Improvement: Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Home Improvements

As a homeowner you may wonder how to revamp the gardens and outdoor areas of your property in ways that will add real value to your home. Often the most effective way is the simplest: installing outdoor lighting. By lighting pathways and illuminating special features, you will not only add value, but ambience and evening… Keep Reading

Checking Tradies Licenses Is Vital

Exposed Electrical Wires

Recent storms in Sydney have highlighted the reality of dishonest tradies performing electrical work for unsuspecting customers, and using these terrifying situations to scam people at a most vulnerable time. An elderly woman was just one of the victims of the midyear storms when an electrician charged her hundreds of dollars just to tell her… Keep Reading

Finding an electrician near me: A homeowner’s guide

Electrician Near Me

When it comes to finding an electrician that services your local area, many homeowners on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches find themselves asking the same question: “How can I find a reliable, trustworthy and accredited electrician near me?” In choosing an electrician for your home’s electrical needs, whether it’s small repairs like wiring and… Keep Reading

Installing A Private Power Pole For Your Home

Power Pole Installation Everest Electrical Truck

Private power poles can be installed on your property as an alternative to your street network power supply. A private power pole is a privately owned electricity source which connects your house to the public power supply by attaching cables from the network pole and running them to a private pole situated on your property…. Keep Reading

Protecting Your Computers and Other Devices in Electrical Storms

Lightning Strike

Lightning strikes can cause major damage to electronic devices, and no one is exempt from the potential damage that lightning can cause. Even Google and Amazon with all their technological capability and resources have been affected by data loss caused by lightning strikes. While a person is not at risk of physical injury unless their… Keep Reading