Private Pole – Narrabeen

Narrabeen, NSW Service: Private Power Pole Replacement Problem. A customer living close to the ocean has a steel private power pole that has corroded at ground level and is on a dangerous lean. The pole is being fed by a mid span electrical connection, this means an EWP truck is required to access the connection… DETAILS HERE

Switchboard Upgrade and Ausgrid Defect Notice Rectification – Belrose

Belrose, NSW Service: Switchboard Upgrade Problem. Our clients were issued with a defect notice by supply authority Ausgrid. Parts of their electrical connection to the grid were non-compliant with current rules and regulations. Upon visiting the project we also brought to the attention of our clients the extremely unsafe switchboard with minimal safety protection on… DETAILS HERE

Switchboard Upgrade, Unit Block – Queenscliff

Queenscliff, NSW Service: Switchboard Upgrade Problem. A block of 4 units in Queenscliff lost power during a recent storm, the supply authority attended and replaced a damaged aerial cable with a temporary one and issued the owners with a defect notice to replace the aerial service. The switch board had been added to and band… DETAILS HERE

Switchboard Dual Occupancy – Killarney

Killarney, NSW Service: Switchboard Installation & 3 Phase Connection Problem. After completing a new home build with a self contained granny flat the owner/builder’s electrician was unable to perform the 3 phase network connection or the main switch board metering, wiring and network protective works. Solution. We performed these works in 2 stages, firstly running… DETAILS HERE

Switchboard and 3 Phase Upgrade with Relocation – Greenwich

Greenwich, NSW Service: Switchboard Upgrade Problem. A customer had purchased a three phase appliance and only had a single phase supply, his switchboard was also mounted very high adjacent the front door of his home and was very difficult to access. This causes a hazard when accessing the switchboard must be done in an emergency… DETAILS HERE