Why Wall Mounting Your TV Is A Great Idea

Why Wall Mounting Your TV Is A Great Idea

Large flat panel televisions are becoming more affordable every day, bringing the cinema experience right to our living rooms. To get that cinematic feel, the ideal solution is to wall mount your new television – a feat made even easier with much slimmer and lighter units. Not only does wall mounting create a streamlined look… Keep Reading

TV Wall Mount Installation – The Simplest Way to Revamp Your Home

TV Wall Mount Installation

If you’re part of the majority of Australians who own a flat screen television, chances are you have it situated in the lounge room on a TV cabinet. While this might have been the traditional place for the older styles of units, most homes are now making the switch to a TV wall mount installation…. Keep Reading

TV Wall Mounting Service – What You Should Know

Plasma TV

Over the past decades, the television has become a permanent fixture in the living room, making it the home’s focal point. As time went by, the TV has undergone major changes. In the past, it occupied a large amount of space. Today, the latest models are getting slimmer, allowing them to be mounted on the… Keep Reading