Lighting Designs For New Homes – A World Of Possibilities

Lighting Designs For New Homes

Lighting our homes is something a lot of us take for granted. Gone are the days where our only way of safely making it through the house at night time was by finding a candle or lantern and carrying it with you wherever you went. Modern lighting has changed our lives in a significant way… Keep Reading

Your Local Electrician – A Relationship Worth Developing


Lіfе іn the beautiful suburbs that make up Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore is ideal for the hundreds of thousands of people who live there. Apart from time spent at work, their lifestyles include embracing all that the areas offer: bush walks, water sports, gatherings with friends and family. Building relationships with those around… Keep Reading

Finding an electrician near me: A homeowner’s guide

Electrician Near Me

When it comes to finding an electrician that services your local area, many homeowners on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches find themselves asking the same question: “How can I find a reliable, trustworthy and accredited electrician near me?” In choosing an electrician for your home’s electrical needs, whether it’s small repairs like wiring and… Keep Reading

Cost To Install Ceiling Fans: Style, Price, and Installation

4 Blade Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a surprisingly cheap and energy efficient way to both cool and heat your home. Costing about the same price as a 60 watt light bulb to operate, installing a fan in time for this summer can have you feeling up to 8 degrees cooler. Not only that, run in conjunction with an… Keep Reading

Northern Beaches Residential Electrician for Your Home Electrical Needs

Power Points

Electricity has become such an important part of our lives that we often find it impossible to be without power for even a few hours. Electricity supply in Australia is relatively stable, with power outages very infrequent in most areas. It is, however, still important to remember the dangers of improper use of electricity and… Keep Reading