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Switchboard Upgrade, New Private Pole – Narrabeen

Narrabeen, NSW

Service: Switchboard Upgrade, New Private Pole


Our clients were issued a defect notice from the supply authority due to the unsafe condition of their switchboard enclosure. Action had to be taken immediately.


Everest Electrical’s Level 2 Authorised Service Providers and team technicians installed a new galvanised steel private pole, new aerial connection, new point of attachment, new consumer mains, new switchboard enclosure, new circuit breakers and safety switches on all relevant circuits. Every aspect of the electrical system from the switchboard downstream to the network was upgraded and the highest of safety levels achieved.

This switchboard was now 100% compliant with supply authority regulations and the defect notice cleared.

private pole installation

switchboard upgrade narrabeen

new private power pole

private power pole installation narrabeen

private power pole narrabeen

old switchboard


switchboard upgrade

switchboard upgrade project narrabeen