Switchboard Upgrade – Allambie

Allambie, NSW Service: Switchboard Upgrade Problem. A customer in Allambie received a defect notice from the supply authority regarding the poor condition including missing lid of the switchboard. Solution. We disconnected and removed the entire switchboard and old style metering devices, installed a new galvanized switchboard enclosure, new digital metering upgraded the main earthing system… DETAILS HERE

Switchboard upgrade – Terrey Hills

Terrey Hills, NSW Service: Switchboard Upgrade Problem. Tenants in this unit block are having issues with tripping fuses and repeated problems with the switchboard leading to loss of power. Solution. We took detailed notes and built a switchboard to suit the premises off site, attended and with only 10 hours power off time mounted and… DETAILS HERE

Subfloor Ventilation – Belrose

Belrose, NSW Service: Subfloor Ventilation Install Problem. A customer in Belrose was having issues of visible mould particularly in cupboards and around the floor skirting boards, along with musty smells throughout the house. She had tried using many products and home remedies before calling us and was concerned about the health risks of mould around… DETAILS HERE