Subfloor Ventilation – Avalon

Avalon, NSW Service: Subfloor Ventilation Problem. Our clients were experiencing musty smells coming from below the family home. Solution. Poor ventilation and air flow can be the leading cause of mould and rising damp issues. We installed a continuously rated inline fan on a dedicated circuit controlled by a 24-hour timer. The air is extracted… DETAILS HERE

Subfloor Ventilation – Lilyfield

Lilyfield, NSW Service:¬†Subfloor Ventilation Problem. Our clients were concerned at the rising damp levels they were facing in their home. Mould and mildew was appearing in areas and they wanted a solution fast! Solution. Excessive moisture levels beneath your home can cause rising damp, damage to timber framing, wood rot, un-wanted odours and the list… DETAILS HERE

Subfloor Ventilation – Belrose

Belrose, NSW Service: Subfloor Ventilation Install Problem. A customer in Belrose was having issues of visible mould particularly in cupboards and around the floor skirting boards, along with musty smells throughout the house. She had tried using many products and home remedies before calling us and was concerned about the health risks of mould around… DETAILS HERE