Private Pole & Underground Mains – Tempe

Tempe, NSW Service: Private Pole & Underground Mains Problem. With an upcoming renovation and removal of the front facade of their home our clients needed a power supply solution. Solution. Everest Electrical installed a galvanised steel private power pole in the front corner of the property and ran underground mains cables to the electrical switchboard… DETAILS HERE

Private Pole Replacement – Church Point

Church Point, NSW Service: Private Pole Replacement Problem. The incoming aerial service to this private pole had a large tree fall on it and cause the pole to take a heavy hit and nearly fall over. Solution. The only solution to this was to remove existing damaged components of this service and replace with new…. DETAILS HERE

Private Pole & Undergound Mains – Frenchs Forest

Frenchs Forest, NSW Service: Private Pole & Underground Mains Problem. Our clients were renovating a newly purchased property and wanted no aerial electrical cables and everything placed underground. Solution. We installed a galvanised steel private pole to service the electrical cables to the home and provide an isolation point in case of an emergency. We… DETAILS HERE

Private Pole & 100Amp Underground Main – Duffys Forest

Duffys Forest, NSW Service: Private Pole & 100Amp Underground Main Problem. Needing to upgrade and increase their power supply for upcoming renovations our clients contacted us for a solution. Solution. A new 100 AMP supply would certainly provide the power this property would require to supply a horse arena, horse stables, small cottage and main… DETAILS HERE

Under Ground Over Head – Collaroy Plateau

Collaroy Plateau, NSW Service:¬†Under Ground Over Head Problem. Our clients wanted to remove the eyesore of electrical cables reaching their home. A safety component was also a key issue. Solution. Everest Electrical’s in house Level 2 Authorised Service Providers are qualified in UGOH Installation. UGOH stands for Under Ground Over Head where the electrical cables… DETAILS HERE