Everest Electrical Services Launches New Website and Offers Answers to Common Questions through New FAQ Page

Company News

Australian electrical contractor Everest Electrical Services has just launched a new website, making the company more mobile-friendly and accessible to its customers. The company has also added a new page to answer FAQs, making it possible for customers to get useful energy saving and electrical tips when needed. Media Release: Everest Electrical Services Launches New Website and Offers Answers to… Keep Reading

Why Do You Need To Check Your Sub Floor Ventilation Today


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Selecting Electrical Services For Your Needs

Electrical Repairs

There comes a time when everyone requires electrical services, and if you’ve never had electrical work done before, it can be a bit daunting choosing the right electrician for the job. One of the biggest complaints many consumers have with electricians is that they don’t turn up on time (or at all) or they charge… Keep Reading

Bright, Safe and Beautiful: The Many Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting


Your patio, your garden, your poolside, your backyard, your balcony or your deck—these are just some of the best areas in your home where you can relax, hang out, spend some quiet moments or some fun times with your favourite people in the world. These outdoor spaces, whether they’re just a charming nook or a… Keep Reading

Licensed Electrical Contractors Save Lives


Working with electrical devices, wiring and related items is a risk often overlooked by home owners who are not familiar with how electricity flows out of an outlet or power source. Electrical current may not be visible but it can be powerful enough to cause electric shock, severe burns and damage to electrical appliances. Due… Keep Reading