Getting More From Your Land With Granny Flats

Need a Power Pole

Homeowners and property developers are always looking at ways to maximise the use of their land. With smart homeowners looking for an extra passive income stream the natural addition is to build a granny flat which they can lease or host on Airbnb as a holiday rental. Others may purchase the property with plans to… Keep Reading

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Switchboard?

Upgraded Switchboard

Life is all about change. Day turns to night, the seasons change, and even our home’s requirements will change along with our needs. Part of our homes that will require upgrading for a number of reasons are our electrical switchboards. These are the hubs in our homes where electricity is taken from the mains and… Keep Reading

Looking To Renovate Your Home?

Home Renovation

Being able to redesign and improve our homes is all a part of the great Australian dream. There are a number of reasons why homeowners choose to renovate their homes. Renovating, when done right, can be a cost-effective alternative to moving, giving homeowners the feeling of a new home without the headaches. Electrical upgrades tend… Keep Reading

Understanding Circuit Breakers, Safety Switches and Fuses

Light Globe and Switch

Electrical safety in our homes is taken so seriously that every state in Australia requires all new homes to be fitted with potentially life-saving devices. Three key components will add an element of safety to a home’s electrical system: fuses, circuit breakers, and safety switches. While these terms may get thrown about loosely to describe… Keep Reading

10 Tips for a Lighter Brighter Bathroom

Bathroom with Natural Lighting

Our home bathrooms have come a long way. From the purely functional and almost sterile feel of older homes, modern bathrooms are now a hub of relaxation where we can wash away the stress of the day. To maximise the sensation of comfort and relaxation, bring as much light into the bathroom as possible. Let… Keep Reading