Reasons to Choose a Steel Power Pole

Steel Power Pole

Power poles come in various heights, strengths, and materials with one of the leading contenders in this space being the steel power pole. Power poles first made their way onto the scene back in the 19th century after the invention of the telegraph. Samuel Morse later expanded telegraph systems across America, which increased the demand… Keep Reading

Installation and Maintenance of Private Power Poles

Private Power Pole

Hundreds of thousands of Australians elect to have private power poles on their property for a variety of reasons. Some power poles are put in place to hold power lines a safe distance away from roads, pathways, and properties, while others may choose to have private power poles purely for aesthetic reasons. Regardless of what… Keep Reading

Five Reasons for Receiving an Electrical Defect Notice

Electrical Defect Notice

Electricity is a necessity for modern life. But when it’s not working properly, the power we depend on to run our homes and businesses can transform from being a life-enhancing tool into a potentially deadly hazard. In the interest of public safety, all connections to power company networks must comply with all of Australia’s relevant… Keep Reading

Relocating Your Electrical Switchboard


When it comes to our homes, we might not give much thought to our electrical switchboard. For most of us, the only time we take a peek at what’s inside the box is when there’s been a power failure. There are times, however, when we might consider moving the heart of a home’s electrical system… Keep Reading

Getting More From Your Land With Granny Flats

Granny Flat

With properties in Sydney’s inner suburbs reaching unattainable levels of cost, smaller investors are looking at alternative ways to add value to their properties while bringing in another form of income. Commonly known as “Granny Flats,” ancillary living offers property owners a cost-effective method of doing both. Useful for providing additional living areas to a… Keep Reading