Best Tech from CES 2017

best tech everest electrical

The recent Consumer Electronics Show is always of great interest to people who love new gadgets. And they sure weren’t disappointed with what was on offer for 2017. While these new technical ‘aids’ probably leave the older generation scratching their heads in confused wonderment, geeks and current generation tech lovers would have gone into paroxysms… Keep Reading

Google Home and Smart Homes of the Future

Google Home Automation

With ‘smart homes’ being a hot topic in 2016, it makes sense that Google would throw its hat into the ring for the next must-have home automation device. Google Home is the company’s response to the now widely popular Amazon Echo, a wireless speaker which allows you to control certain functions at home with simple… Keep Reading

A Smart Lamp That Lights All Corners

Fluxo Smart Lamp

When you start thinking about lighting for rooms within your home, you soon realise that one light will not cover all situations. Rooms have many functions and finding the right lighting to suit often involves compromise, or a series of lights with varying purposes. Wall lights, free standing lamps, down lights, and dimming switches are… Keep Reading

Wi-Fi and Apps Head List Of Home Door Tech

Smart Door Bell

Can you remember all those science fiction stories that allowed doors to open on command or people to identify visitors with a touch of a button? It used to be pure fantasy, but with the advent of smart door bells and smart locks, what was once just a fantasy has become reality. Smart door bells… Keep Reading

When The Lights Come On Again – A Newer, Brighter, LED Sydney

Blue LED Light

Sydneysiders like to lead the way, and while Sydney City Council has encountered vocal opposition to many of its projects, when the City switches on its new LED street lighting, it will become the first city in Australia to switch to energy efficient and cost saving LED lighting. Our city seems to be following the… Keep Reading