Bright, Safe and Beautiful: The Many Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting


Your patio, your garden, your poolside, your backyard, your balcony or your deck—these are just some of the best areas in your home where you can relax, hang out, spend some quiet moments or some fun times with your favourite people in the world. These outdoor spaces, whether they’re just a charming nook or a… Keep Reading

Licensed Electrical Contractors Save Lives


Working with electrical devices, wiring and related items is a risk often overlooked by home owners who are not familiar with how electricity flows out of an outlet or power source. Electrical current may not be visible but it can be powerful enough to cause electric shock, severe burns and damage to electrical appliances. Due… Keep Reading

Everest Electrical Reveals an Often Overlooked Cost- Effective and Energy-Efficient Way to Beat the Merciless Heat of Summer

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The heat of the summer continues to worsen every year and people always brace themselves for it, as well as the easily observable increase in their electrical expenses. Everest Electrical, one of Sydney’s most reliable group of electrical contractors, reveals an often overlooked strategy that can help homeowners keep their homes cool without breaking the bank. Media… Keep Reading

Flickering Lights: Why It’s Critical To Solve This Household Horror Fast


You wake up in a cold sweat. There’s no one in the house except you. You look outside the windows: sharp shards of lightning and dark clouds warn you of another storm brewing. The trees are howling in the strong wind. There’s dog a baying somewhere. Suddenly, the lights go out. You run to the… Keep Reading

Why Get Safety Switch Installation?

Automatic circuit breaker

All new houses are built with safety switches, but many older homes still require safety switch installation to bring them up to current electrical safety standards. While it may not seem like a big deal to have an older power board that still uses fuses, there are many reasons why having safety switches installed is… Keep Reading