Why Get Safety Switch Installation?

Automatic circuit breaker

All new houses are built with safety switches, but many older homes still require safety switch installation to bring them up to current electrical safety standards. While it may not seem like a big deal to have an older power board that still uses fuses, there are many reasons why having safety switches installed is… Keep Reading

Everest Electrical Offers Safety Services and Lifetime Guarantees as Australians Face Higher Energy Demands with Threat of El Nino


The latest report from the Australian weather bureau shows signs of El Nino weather pattern forming on the Eastern Pacific. With hotter climates threatening the country in the upcoming months, Everest Electrical Services reminds the Australian public to remain safe by checking home wiring systems and performing necessary repairs with a qualified electrician. Media Release: Everest Electrical… Keep Reading

How to Ensure Electrical Safety at Home


Electric current flowing from power sources, wiring and electrical devices can be powerful, causing harm to the human body and triggering destructive fires at home. Electrical systems have the potential to cause serious harm to people that come near it or to the occupants of the home. Incorrect handling of electric circuit, faulty wiring, and… Keep Reading

Finding An Electrician – Northern Beaches

Licensed Electrician

When selecting your electrician, Northern Beaches suburbs have many local providers from which to choose, so it’s important to do your research. First, ensure any electrician you consider calling has the right qualifications and is a licensed electrician. Don’t just get a recommendation from a friend about some bloke who did a cheap job for… Keep Reading

Ceiling Fan Installation for Energy Efficiency and Savings

Ceiling Fans

Cooling appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners use up high amounts of electric energy in order to lower temperatures for a more comfortable living experience or to preserve food and drink. Growing awareness of global warming, its causes and effects, are compelling consumers to adopt energy efficient solutions such as ceiling fan installation… Keep Reading