Smart Homes of the Future

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It was not all that long ago that an automated home was the stuff of science fiction. From lights which automatically come on, self cleaning devices and appliances, and everything from your stereo to curtains controlled by a single remote control. But reality is very quickly catching up with the fantasy, while home owners would… Keep Reading

A Lighting Electrician Can Transform Your Home

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As a home owner you might be surprised by how much work a lighting electrician can do around your home. From saving you money on electricity bills, to making repairs and helping you turn your house into a dream home, a licensed electrician can help to brighten your life. Repairs and Maintenance Perhaps the most… Keep Reading

Quick Guide to Finding the Best TV

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It’s almost that time of year again when the men, women and children look forward to weekends and Friday nights of football action. With the official season kick-offs in sight, now is the best time to make your own new offseason signing – a new feature-packed TV. Watching your team in full high definition on… Keep Reading

Using Accredited Service Providers

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When engaging anyone to complete electrical work around your home it’s so important that only licensed and accredited electricians are used. Not only are there strict laws around electrical work in New South Wales, but even the smallest mistake can result in injury or even death. An electrical license is required for anyone undertaking any… Keep Reading

Preparing Your Home For Storm Season

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For many, the summer months mean days full of sunshine and the chance to head to the beach. But in Sydney, the reality is actually quite different. With rainfall spread evenly throughout the year there is actually the same amount of rain in summer as in winter. However there is one major difference, rain in… Keep Reading