Tesla Powerwall and the Home Power Revolution

Tesla and Solar Panels

The Tesla Powerwall has been the most highly anticipated product to reach the energy market in recent years. With thousands of Australians already benefitting from sourcing their own energy at home, this new wave of power farming is set to change things yet again in the world of renewable energy. The Home Power Revolution As… Keep Reading

Installing A Private Power Pole For Your Home

Power Pole Installation Everest Electrical Truck

Private power poles can be installed on your property as an alternative to your street network power supply. A private power pole is a privately owned electricity source which connects your house to the public power supply by attaching cables from the network pole and running them to a private pole situated on your property…. Keep Reading

Government Support for Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficiency

The Australian government recently announced plans to fund $250 million towards the construction of up to 1000 energy efficient homes. Working in partnership with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), this investment will assist in building new homes for the Community Housing Sector that meet a stringent energy rating as well as provide upgrades to… Keep Reading

Cherrypicker Available For Electrical Work In Northern Beaches

Cherry Picker Services

Many home owners on Sydney’s tree-filled Northern Beaches and North Shore will, at some time, need to have work performed on and around power lines, or have electrical work undertaken in elevated areas. One of these instances is when they need to clear foliage around the power lines on their property. Property owners are responsible… Keep Reading

Double Adapter Safety Warning

Double Adapter Warning Light

Safety in the home is a concern for everybody. There are hidden dangers in every home though, and that puts you and your family members at risk. A very simple device, one that costs less than five dollars in supermarkets, and hardware stores, could cause you or your family members serious harm. It may come… Keep Reading