Money-Saving Tips When Buying a New Fridge For Christmas

White Fridge

Our Aussie Christmas and New Year period is a time when there never seems to be enough room in the fridge for all the fresh goodies needed to feed your family and friends. So as the time approaches when your fridge is to be stocked with turkey, ham, salads, desserts, and drinks, it is the… Keep Reading

Cost To Install Ceiling Fans: Style, Price, and Installation

4 Blade Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a surprisingly cheap and energy efficient way to both cool and heat your home. Costing about the same price as a 60 watt light bulb to operate, installing a fan in time for this summer can have you feeling up to 8 degrees cooler. Not only that, run in conjunction with an… Keep Reading

Getting the Best Bang for Your Air Conditioner Buck

Air Conditioner Energy Star Ratings

With spring in full swing and the prospect of another long, hot summer just around the corner, you might be considering the purchase of a new air conditioning unit. But we know that searching for the right AC unit for your home can be daunting and confusing if you’re unsure of what exactly you need…. Keep Reading

Save Money and the Environment at the Same Time With LED Lighting


It is pretty much accepted wisdom that if something seems too good to be true, it generally is. A spruiker at an exotic overseas market who promises brand name goods at one-tenth of the price? Not likely. The chance to triple your investment within 3 months? Definitely tread carefully. But the chance to save money… Keep Reading

Your Summer Electrical Checklist

Summer Electrical Checklist

Regular maintenance isn’t a topic that gets many pulses racing or grabs headlines, but it has more benefits than you would think. The first and most obvious is the savings that your bank balance can feel as a result of some regular care and maintenance. There’s a reason that sayings like “a stich in time… Keep Reading