Clipsal’s USB Charger Mech – An Exciting New Way to Charge Your Devices

White Phone Charger

Are all your power outlets at home taken over by bulky USB power packs – each one set up to charge another one of your devices? Clipsal by Schneider Electric now has an innovative solution for this – the new 30 Series USB Charger Mech. What is it? Unlike traditional USB chargers that have to… Keep Reading

Do I Need an Electrician for This?

Bright Danger Electric Shock Sign

When it comes to electrical work, the answer, simply put, yes, in most cases you really do. The law in Australia is very clear in that any electrical work – whether residential, commercial or industrial – must be performed only by a licensed electrician. Individual states vary slightly in the particulars of this regulation, but… Keep Reading

Serious Reminder About Using Sub-standard Electrical Goods

Lit Up Mobile Phone

The recent death of a young woman in Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW is still being investigated by police, but authorities believe that electrocution by a malfunctioning USB charger was the cause for death. Sheryl Aldeguer, a 28-year old nurse, was found dead wearing headphones and holding a laptop. She had burns on… Keep Reading

Northern Beaches Residential Electrician for Your Home Electrical Needs

Power Points

Electricity has become such an important part of our lives that we often find it impossible to be without power for even a few hours. Electricity supply in Australia is relatively stable, with power outages very infrequent in most areas. It is, however, still important to remember the dangers of improper use of electricity and… Keep Reading

Stay Safe From House Fires This Winter

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Every week during winter, NSW firefighters respond to more than 100 house fire calls – half of those starting in kitchens. With around 60% of annual house fires happening during the winter months (between May and September), it is not surprising that NSW firefighters are now urging home owners to be prepared for winter and… Keep Reading