Renovating or Landscaping? Dial Before You Dig

Soil Dug Out Trench

Before you start digging the foundations for your new extension or decide on the spot for your new pond or water feature, take the time to be sure that you’re not going to cut any underground cables or pipes. Just one call is all that’s needed. ‘Dial Before You Dig’ is a community service organisation… Keep Reading

Wi-Fi and Apps Head List Of Home Door Tech

Smart Door Bell

Can you remember all those science fiction stories that allowed doors to open on command or people to identify visitors with a touch of a button? It used to be pure fantasy, but with the advent of smart door bells and smart locks, what was once just a fantasy has become reality. Smart door bells… Keep Reading

Protecting Your Computers and Other Devices in Electrical Storms

Lightning Strike

Lightning strikes can cause major damage to electronic devices, and no one is exempt from the potential damage that lightning can cause. Even Google and Amazon with all their technological capability and resources have been affected by data loss caused by lightning strikes. While a person is not at risk of physical injury unless their… Keep Reading

Funky New Switches Add Uniqueness To Your Rooms

Funky Pink Light Switch

Here is a way for Northern Beaches and North Shore residents to add some unique touches to their homes. Light switches, power points, fan controls and dimmer controls are a necessary, but often overlooked, part of room design. They’re there in noticeable places, easily seen and accessed. So they should blend with the room and… Keep Reading

Beat The Coming Heatwave

Ceiling Fan Installation

Sydney is facing a long hot summer with the effects of a powerful El Nino event potentially forcing temperatures to record high levels. Already this summer, Sydney has seen the second hottest October day on record and forecasters predict that there is plenty of hot weather to come. Now is an excellent time to take… Keep Reading