Landscape Electricians Transform Your Garden into a Magical Place


Not so long ago landscape lighting was only seen in public open areas and private gardens owned by the wealthy. But with the availability of sustainable designs, energy-efficient fixtures, low voltage and solar-powered lighting options, garden lighting has undergone revolutionary changes. Present-day garden lighting is available in a range of styles – and we can… Keep Reading

What To Do When Your Safety Switch Trips?

On and Off Switches

The most common cause of a safety switch “trip” is nuisance tripping. This occurs when one of the many appliances in your home develops a very small fault within itself and a small amount of electricity leaks from its circuitry and is lost. The safety switch picks up on this loss (it can’t tell the… Keep Reading

How Can Birds Sit on Electrical Wires and Not Get Shocked???

Bird on Electrical Wire

Sometimes we can see hundreds of birds sitting on an electrical wire and yet they never appear to combust into feathers and puffs of black smoke like the cartoons depict. Not a ruffled feather in site. Basically… Electricity flows by the movement of electrons through conductors. The electrons are pulled from the ground by the… Keep Reading

Autumn Outdoor Lighting Tips from Everest Electrical

Company News

The Blue Bird Days and Cooler Nights that is Autumn! Check out the Everest Electrical Plugged In quarterly article! In this Outdoor Lighting Special we explain the many benefits of using Outdoor Lighting and give you some informative Fun Facts. Everest Electrical Newsletter: Autumn Outdoor Lighting Tips from Everest Electrical

Benefits of Ceiling Fans in Winter

Ceiling Fan Spinning

Think ceiling fans are limited to keeping you cool…think again! Many of us use ceiling fans to help cool our home in the heat of summer but did you know they are just as useful to warm our houses in winter! As our homes are generally closed up in winter there is less air circulation… Keep Reading