Save Money and the Environment at the Same Time With LED Lighting


It is pretty much accepted wisdom that if something seems too good to be true, it generally is. A spruiker at an exotic overseas market who promises brand name goods at one-tenth of the price? Not likely. The chance to triple your investment within 3 months? Definitely tread carefully. But the chance to save money… Keep Reading

Your Summer Electrical Checklist

Summer Electrical Checklist

Regular maintenance isn’t a topic that gets many pulses racing or grabs headlines, but it has more benefits than you would think. The first and most obvious is the savings that your bank balance can feel as a result of some regular care and maintenance. There’s a reason that sayings like “a stich in time… Keep Reading

Lighting Choices for Downlight Installation

Light Globe

Downlights are a popular choice for home lighting because of their sleek and elegant look, and the fact that they can make any room appear bigger. They are a wonderful option for just about anywhere in the house – living areas, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms – because they rain light just where it is needed…. Keep Reading

Interactive Tools to Design Your Home Lighting

Light Globe on Yellow Background

Rising electricity bills are a constant source of worry for most homeowners, and tips and techniques to reduce energy consumption are always useful. The high cost of electricity makes energy efficiency a major consideration for all decisions involving home wiring and choosing new light fixtures. When it is time to choose electrical accessories for a… Keep Reading

Sydney North Level 2 Electrician for Contestable Service Work

Three Phase Power Board

As you might be aware, while all licensed electricians can handle electrical works within your premises (for example, electrical maintenance and repairs, safety inspections or lighting installation), not all electricians are authorised to work on the supply side. These works include installation, maintenance and repairs of the underground and overhead lines between the electricity network… Keep Reading