Northern Beaches Residential Electrician for Your Home Electrical Needs

Power Points

Electricity has become such an important part of our lives that we often find it impossible to be without power for even a few hours. Electricity supply in Australia is relatively stable, with power outages very infrequent in most areas. It is, however, still important to remember the dangers of improper use of electricity and… Keep Reading

Stay Safe From House Fires This Winter

Fire Engine Sign

Every week during winter, NSW firefighters respond to more than 100 house fire calls – half of those starting in kitchens. With around 60% of annual house fires happening during the winter months (between May and September), it is not surprising that NSW firefighters are now urging home owners to be prepared for winter and… Keep Reading

Do You ‘Dial Before You Dig’?

Buried Cable Caution Sign

In NSW, it is now mandatory to ‘Dial before you dig’ (DBYD). Before doing any sort of digging or excavation on your property (or elsewhere), it is your responsibility (or that your electrical services provider, plumber or other trade) to make sure that there aren’t any underground power lines, or other utility lines in that… Keep Reading

NSW Customers Await Lower Electricity Bills As Price Control Is Lifted

Gold One Dollar Coin

Electricity customers in NSW who are on standard contracts are getting ready for cheaper electricity as government control on prices is being lifted. About 40% of the state’s customers, which comes to more than a million customers, will benefit from this decision. As a provider of electrical services on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches,… Keep Reading

Electrical Safety in Your Home

Light Globe

Electricity has become such a big part of our lives that most of us no longer give it much thought – it is just something that is there. How many of us think of the electrical wiring when buying or renting a house? It is only when a problem occurs, or when a power outage… Keep Reading